Brands We Repair

If your appliance suddenly goes on the fritz, Nate’s Appliance Repair in Euless, TX has the tools necessary to repair them. We have worked with every brand and model of washer, dryer, refrigerator and freezer on the current market. Here are some of the popular brands that we service:



Over the last hundred years, GE has been developing and innovating practical household appliances that benefit you and your household. They have produced and released everything from refrigerators to washing machines. They have created three appliance lines or “personalities”: CAFÉ appliances, the GO profile series and MONOGRAM. Each of these lines has their own aesthetic and individual features.



Best known for their electronics, Samsung also produces household appliances. They have created an advantageous model that allows you to pair your Samsung electronics with your Samsung household appliances and manage them.

Samsung appliances are also known for their sleek and aesthetically pleasing looks. If you need an appliance with a higher capacity than most, Samsung can also deliver. With all of these innovations, it’s not surprising that the United States considers Samsung the top appliance brand in the country.



LG products are known for being exemplary in terms of innovation and reliability. They excel in producing laundry appliances, such as washers and dryers, and usually outshine the competition in this area. Their kitchen appliances are also considered some of the least serviced appliances out there. It should come as no surprise that LG appliances are world renowned and respected.



Bosch has been in the business of household appliances for over one hundred fifty years. Besides excelling in the creation and production of kitchen appliances, particularly dishwashers, they are also known for their exemplary customer service and maintenance support. They are known for including innovational features in their household appliances that make your life easier and more convenient.



Maytag is world renowned for their support and reliability (both in terms of service and replacement parts). Their products come with a ten-year warranty which speaks volumes to the quality of their products. Their household appliances are made to last for years, and their laundry appliances are known for their unparalleled dependability.






Consumer magazines have regularly ranked their refrigerators as the number one appliance. Their refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing, come with innovational features and are known to perform exceptionally. They also sell a wide array of household appliances, though they rarely manufacture them.



This appliance brand excels in manufacturing refrigerators. Their designs are simple and easy to work. They are also sold at affordable prices, which has helped them become known as the best appliance brand out there. Their reliability has also gotten the attention and praise from Consumer Reports.



Viking is a branch of Middleby and excels in high quality kitchen appliances. Over half of restaurants across the globe own Middleby appliances. This is important because, due to the resources that Middleby provides them, Viking is able to manufacture some of the highest quality products in the world. Their domestic appliances, as well as their commercial ones, are built to last.


If you own any of these brands (and even if you don’t!) give Nate’s Appliance Repair of Euless a call. We will get your appliances up and running again in no time.