Washer / Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are a dynamic duo in the household. They ensure that the outfit you are planning on wearing to that important interview is going to be clean and dry. However, when they start to malfunction and not perform as they should, we understand that your first instinct is to panic. If your washer and dryer start to underperform, then call Nate’s Appliance Repair. Our team of certified technicians have years of experience working with washers and dryers. In fact, our team has worked with every brand and model on the current market.


Basics of a Washer and Dryer


Washers consist of a large tub and a spinning drum. When the tub fills with water, the drum spins to wash and then wring out your clothes. The dryer has a similar drum that spins. While the machine is spinning, a fan and a motor blow hot air into the machine to dry your clothes. There are some very simple issues that you can fix on your own, such as ensuring that your appliances are plugged in properly or that any weird noises can’t be attributed to loose plugs or foreign object. However, more complex issues require the services of a professional technician.


Common Issues with Washers and Dryers


Washing Machine that Leaks

Any leaks can be attributed to a damaged door seal or a defective water inlet valve. Your pump may be worn and contributing to the leaks. 25% of our customers report leaks, so this is a very common issue. You may need to get these internal components assessed and, if necessary, replaced.


An Unmoving Timer

Four percent of our customers have dealt with this issue. This could be traced back to the timer motor, water level control or drain pump. These parts will need to be replaced.


You Smell Burning

One percent of our customer base has reported this issue. This issue might be traced back to the motor pulleys or the driver belts. Figure out which one is producing the smell and, if necessary, have them serviced.


No Power to Your Dryer

There are a few steps you can do before involving a professional. Check your home’s electrical box for any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. You can easily turn the breakers back on and replace the fuses. You should also test the voltage using a voltage meter. Your dryer, whether electric or gas, should be operating at 240-volts. If it’s not, then it is best to call an electrician to get the proper repairs done. If your power cords are also malfunctioning, then have these replaced.



No Luck Pinpointing the Issue

This is when you read the owner’s manual. If you don’t own a physical copy, then check the manufacturer’s website online. This will save you time and money calling a repair service, especially if it’s for a small issue


If you follow the above tips and still can’t get your washer and dryer to work, then call Nate’s Appliance Repair, especially if you live in the Euless, Texas area. We have worked with every brand of washer and dryer and are confident that we can get your appliances up and running again. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started.